How to Close A Pocket Knife [The Prefect & Safe Ways in 2024]

A pocket knife is a valuable tool in our regular life. It helps to cut ropes, wires, polythene and other everyday things very quickly. A pocket knife has different types of the locking mechanism. All of the locking systems are not so hard.


So, you can efficiently operate a pocket knife. Since a pocket knife is a helpful tool, so we have to take care of it. That’s why we have to know about how to close a pocket knife.


All the pocket knives are operated with a general principle. Though various pocket knives have different locking system but the locks are significantly less complex. You have to know the better way how to close a pocket knife safely. Otherwise, it will not last long.




Types of Pocket Knife Locks

Pocket knives are differentiating based on the locking mechanisms.

    • Liner lock.
    • Frame lock.
    • Button lock.
    • Back lock.
    • Slip joint.
    • Axis lock.
    • Compression.
    • Clasp Lock.
    • Friction folder.
    • Bolster lock.



How to Close A Folding Knife?

It depends on what kind of folding knife you have. You should know how to open and close a folding pocket knife safely so that you will not get injured. You should close it very carefully. Regular folding knives are easy to close.

  • At first, hold the blade carefully.
  • Then slide the blade back into the handle.
  • Try to keep your fingers out of the way.
  • You may use your leg to close the folding knife. This is the best way to close the knife with one hand.


But some folding knives have different lock system. So, it is essential to know how to close a pocket knife with a lock.  If you have a spine lock knife –

  • Firstly, press the revealed metal on the spine.
  • Then close the blade, usually using both hands.


Some folding pocket knives have a liner or frame lock mechanism. To close them –

  • In the frame, you will find a tab.
  • At first, press the tab button.
  • After that, close the knife the traditional way using both hands.
  • If you are not familiar to use both hands, then use your leg to close it.


I like the pocket knife that has an Axis lock. To close it –

  • At first, use your thumb to pull the pin back on the side of the hilt. It unlocks the blade from its place.
  • Then push the blade back into the handle using your other hand.

Finally, release the pin that you pull the first time. Thus will secure the blade.



How to Close A Flip Knife?

Closing the knife with both hands reduces the risk. But people always find the easiest way to go. So, most of them are seeking how to close a pocket knife with one hand. A flip knife is the best solution to open and close with one hand. You have to follow the below steps to close a flip knife.

  • Every flip knife has a safety catch. First of all, slide back the knife firstly.
  • Use your index finger to lift the locking leg.
  • Now push the blade and bring the blade into the closed position.
  • Finally, move the safety catch forward and confirm that the knife is closed securely.

Here are some slight hints about using a flip knife. The opening and closing are of a flip knife not similar to a regular pocket knife. Someone unfamiliar may struggle to open it. But the process of closing a flip knife is relatively easy.



How to Close A Gerber Pocket Knife?

How to Close A Gerber Pocket Knife


Gerber knife is easy to carry, and it is also safe to use. Gerber knives were more common before folding knives. For the past few years, people were using a Gerber pocket knife. But now the new trend has started. Gerber knives were notable among the older technologies. So, some people are currently using it.


These knives come in different styles. We can use a Gerber knife for hunting, camping and technical needs. A Gerber knife is not a regular pocket knife. The opening is easy, but closing a Gerber knife is not so easy. If you buy a Gerber pocket knife, you need to learn how to close a pocket knife Gerber. Follow the steps –

  • There is a small silver button. Press the button to open the knife.
  • You will find a metal fragment leaning to the right side. There is also a bracing blade.
  • Pull the metal piece to the left.
  • Then hold the metal to the front and pull the blade back into the handle using the other hand.

There is an important notice about this knife. You have to be careful while opening the Gerber pocket knife. Please keep it away from the leg and body during open the blade. Otherwise, it may cause an accident.



How to Close Pocket Knife Kershaw?

Kershaw brand is known for making durable and robust knives. The pocket knives they make are easy to open and close. The following methods help you to close the Kershaw pocket knife.

  • There is a little bar you have to press during open the knife.
  • When the blade is open, you will find a silver line on the left side inside the handle.
  • The sliver line is propping the blade up. Catch the bar with your thumb.
  • Push this line over to the left side and pull the blade down into the handle.
  • Finally, make sure the blade is kept correctly in the slot.

Be careful during close it. Try to keep your body far from the knife and try to use your finger carefully.



How to Close A Pocket Knife with No Button?

Some pocket knives have no button to close. Some people don’t know how to close them. Here, we are trying to give some easy methods so that they can avoid accidents.

  • First of all, hold the handle of the knife by your hand and palm.
  • There is a sharp and dull side on the blade. It would be best if you grabbed the flat side.
  • After that, push the flat side with your index finger.
  • Use your thumb to put the blade back into the slot.
  • Finally, make sure the blade is kept correctly in the slot.

You may need to use both hands to close the knife in this process. What if you want to close the knife with one hand? Just push the blade using a solid surface or your leg to put it back in the slot. But whatever process you use, keep the knife away from the body. You know the sentence, “Safety first”.



How to Fix A Pocket Knife That Won’t Close?

How to Fix A Pocket Knife That Won't Close


A pocket knife is a widespread tool and can cause problems. A high-quality product can, unfortunately, fall for some reason. A similar can also happen with a pocket knife. Most of the time, the pocket knife gets stuck where it is opened from. This is the major problem many users face.


Some more problems may occur in some cases. If you want to fix the problem, at first, you have to identify the problem. Then follow our short guide. This guide may help you to repair the knife.


If Something Stuck in the Knife

Use a blow dryer to remove the wreckage. If that doesn’t work, use a needle. You can use some lubricant or grease after you have done it. Oil will prevent to happen such problem again.


Poor Quality Mechanism

If the knife’s material is of low quality, it will rust quickly. A mixture of some vinegar and baking soda can prevent your knife from rusting. Keep the knife at least 6 hours inside the composition. Dry the material with a soft towel and remove the internal parts using a blow dryer. Applying lubricant will make it more durable.


The Problem Did Not Find

If you can’t figure out a problem, take the knife to a professional. These professionals are called knife-smiths. And if the knife is too old, I would recommend buying a new one.





A pocket knife is not only a great tool but also a dangerous tool. Everyone should very careful during use a pocket knife. Accidents are more likely to happen if you try to open or close a pocket knife inadvertently.


Trying to open a knife in the wrong way again can cut off your finger.  This is the main reason to discuss about how to close a pocket knife. We hope this article will help you a lot in your daily life.


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