How to Cut Deer Antler for Knife Handle in 2023 [The Easy 6 Steps]

Deer antlers are a kind of weapon for them. They use it to defend and attack their wildlife. Do you like deer antlers? How do you comment on it? I called it Deer’s horn. I call the antler the crown of the deer. Many people call it “deer horn”. Let me tell you something interesting.


Do you know that you can make a knife handle with an antler? This is our main topic today. In this article, you will learn how to cut deer antler for knife handle. A knife made of deer antler is a unique and great concept. Almost every person is a fan of antler handle knife. There is no reason that you dislike this. But there are many reasons that you will love it.


But buying such a type of knife is quite expensive. So, if you try to make it by yourself, it will not cost so much to you. Thus save your money, and you can customize the knife as you wish. A deer antler knife is also a great present. Now, you are at the right place where you can learn how to make deer antler for knife handleLet us know the process of making a deer antler knife step-by-step.


Necessary Equipment

The necessary things you need to arrange before you start are given below:

  • A knife
  • Deer Antler
  • Protective Gloves
  • Eye Protection

At first, you have to arrange a blade of the knife. Because you are going to convert the antler into a handle. So, you don’t need a handle, but you need a knife blade. Arrange a blank blade of a knife from the market. If you have already an old knife in your house, then remove the handle and keep the blade separately.



Step-2: Shape The Deer Antler

Choose a deer antler that matches your requirements. This selection is very important. You may use the thicker portion or the pointer portion as a handle. However, the decision is fully dependent on you. Here you have to make adjustments to the size of the blade and antler.



Step-3: Make a Hole

Now you have to fix a position on the antler to make a hole. You will fix the blade inside the antler. So, cut the deer antler and try to create a perfect-sized hole. Otherwise, you can’t adjust the knife into the antler. You do not have to spend a lot of energy to make the hole because the space inside the antler is soft. The hole should be less wide and the depth should be much deeper.



Step-4: Time to Use Super Glue

Make sure the top of the handle is dry. If there is water inside, then there will be a strong stench coming from the antler. Now, you will need some sand and super glue to shape the top of the handle.


The top surface of a handle which is made of the antler is not flat. To get a proper shape on the top, you have to sand it and use super glue on it. Continue the process until you will satisfy with the shape. This is a safer and easier way than others.



Step-5: Drill and Glue

Now you have to drill the blade tail. So, you need to know how to drill antler for knife handle. Use a hard drill to do this task. And don’t use high rotation speed. The low rotation speed is a little bit enough to drill the blade handle.


Put some glue in the hole you have made inside the handle and also put glue around the handle of the blade. If you don’t want to drill then you can use a hack saw to cut the blade tail. But drilling is the easiest way.



Step-6: Clinching

In this step, you need some metal rods or nails. The size of the nail or metal rod should be small. You can also use brass rods because they are easy to hammer. Shorten the rod or nail at a perfect size to fit perfectly with the handle. Pu the metal rods in deer antler knife handle blanks. Finally, hammer and clean the knife so that everything fits perfectly.





How to Use Antler for Knife Handle?

How to Use Antler for Knife Handle


We have already discussed everything step by step about how to use antler for knife handle. Follow the steps to make a knife using a deer antler. In sort –

  • Select the knife blade for which you want to make the handle.
  • Arrange an antler and prepare it for the handle.
  • Use super glue to seal the blade inside the handle.
  • Attach the knife inside the hole of the antler handle.
  • Start clinching

You can also watch a tutorial video after reading the article. A tutorial helps you to properly understand.


There is a little reminding. Keep the antler dry at all times. By chance, if it is wet or water gets inside it will spread a lot of bad smell. To keep the antler dry is fundamental.



Deer Antler Knife Handle Problems

A Deer antler knife is an interesting tool. An antler knife is a very amazing knife. It has a very good price in the market. There are certain problems with the deer antler knife handle.

  • It is expensive in the market.
  • Spreads bad odor from wet antler knife handle.
  • It has also the potential to break down quickly. It is to be used with caution.

Breaking down quickly is a disadvantage of the deer antler knife handle. 5 minute epoxy antler knife handle is a great way to fix a broken antler handle.




Deer Antler Knife Handle Ideas 

You may need some ideas when you are going to make a deer antler knife handle. There are more than 150 ideas are available online. If you do some research about deer antler knife handle ideas, you will get a lot of design ideas.


Pinterest is the best website where you can see these ideas. It is not possible to show pictures of all the ideas in this article. So, kindly go to the Pinterest website and search “Deerhorn ideas”. You will see a couple of results.





The knife is an important item in our daily lives. Every day we need the knife for various activities. But a deer antler knife is one kind of attraction. Those who make or buy it, do it as a hobby. But most of the time the cost of a deer antler knife handle is high. So not everyone can buy it if they want to.


Because for many, the purchase price is much more important than the hobby. So, through this article, we are trying to teach you how to cut deer antler for knife handleWe hope that by reading this article you will be able to cut a deer antler for a knife handle easily.


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