How to Cut Mat Board with Exacto Knife [The Prefect & Safe in 2023]

A mat board usually helps to place neatly through an artwork frame. You can capture any artwork or picture in a glass frame if you want. But the painting from the glass frame to the matte board seems more premium.


The mat board finishing looks more professional and eye-catchy. Any artwork in a matt frame will attract people’s eyes and minds first. You can do this yourself if you know how to cut mat board with Exacto knife.


A custom-cut mat board framing costs you a lot. The price of glass frames tends to be a little lower in comparison. But the price of matte frames is always costly. If one day you go shopping and buy a custom frame at 20 to 30 percent off, you will see that it will cost you more.


Custom matte frames cost a lot more. This is why you have to spend a lot of money to capture any picture frame of your house. If you make a matte frame with your own hands, you will save a lot of money.


It is not hard work. Matboard offers you a wide range of colors, textures. You can develop your original elements here. You need some right tools that help you to cut a straight and pure mat. Follow our guide to make your professional mat board using an Exacto knife.


Tools Need to Cut Mat

There are some standard tools you need to collect for cutting a mat board. You need to buy some of the items. Again, you get some tools at home. That means you don’t need to crash your bank account to make your artwork. The mat cutting kits you need for this –

  • A pencil.
  • A straight ruler.
  • An Exacto knife.
  • A DIY mat board cutter.
  • A double-sided tape.
  • A protective surface.

These tools are used as mat board cutter Officeworks.

The materials you need –

  • A mat board of the color of your choice.
  • The picture or artwork you want to capture in the frame.
  • A photo frame.



How to Measure The Mat Board?

How to Measure The Mat Board


If you have all the tools and materials, then you are ready to go. You have to start by measuring your mat board first.

  • Place the mat board on a sturdy surface.
  • Make sure the surface you are using is larger than the bord. It is best to place new cardboard under the matt.
  • There are different colors on a mat board. It would be best if you used a white or black-colored mat board.
  • The surface of the board is better if it is gravel. You can collect such boards from the craft store.
  • Trace the inner side of the photo frame with the straight ruler.
  • Mark the measured part with a pencil on both sides of the mat board.
  • Take a sharp Exacto knife.
  • Gently cut the marked portion with the knife.
  • The matte board you need to cut in two steps with a knife.
  • First, lightly pull along the significant spot with a knife.
  • This will create a kind of groove across the marked portion on the mat board.
  • Lightly run the blade through this groove again.
  • Repeat the above three steps on the back edge of the board.
  • Now put the cut part from the board in the photo frame and check.

You have to be very careful while cutting the board. Take the measurements very carefully. When marking the measured part from the picture frame on the board, make sure that the pencil does not stain.


You can also use a bevel matt cutter to cut the board. Using a matt cutter is the professional way to bevel a mat board. If you can manage it, then it is okay. Otherwise, you can continue the work with an Exacto knife.




How to Cut Foam Board with An Exacto Knife?

Now you have to cut the mat opening based on the size of your artwork or image. Here is an important note for you. Make your artwork on a rectangular page if you choose a rectangular picture frame. And if you decide on a squared shape image frame, convert the image or the painting to a square shape.


The frame shape and artwork shape should be similar. Otherwise, you cannot fit the artwork inside the frame. If you don’t do it at the beginning, you have to cut the mat board twice.


In the previous section, we cut the mat board based on the size of the frame. Now. We have to cut the mat board again based on our picture or the artwork. Let’s get started.

  • Keep the image or artwork at the center on the matt.
  • Use the ruler and trace the four ends size of your artwork.
  • Mark four borders on the board using a pencil.
  • Measure once and see if the bordered part is enough for your artwork.
  • Firmly cut down the bordered area with an Exacto knife.
  • Stay on the line during cutting matt. Otherwise, the cut part will become unusable.
  • You will find a kind of groove across the bordered line on the mat board.
  • Slowly run the knife through this groove to get a clean cut.
  • Smooth the rough spots with sandpaper and remove the pencil stains with rubber.
  • Take a piece of lightweight cardboard. Set it on the matt board’s back part using double-sided tape.
  • You may use glue instead of tape.
  • Place the entire amount of artwork on the backing. Make sure the artwork is in the middle of the mat board.
  • Finally, set the matted artwork inside the frame.
  • If you use glue, wait until the entire structure is dry.
  • Remove pencil stains if you see any on edge.
  • And yes, you must put your signature on the art.


Finally, your created matt frame is ready to be hung on the wall. How do you feel now? Now it looks costly to see your artwork or picture on the wall. And you don’t even need a professional degree or skill to do it. And you made it at a meager cost and in a short time.



How to Cut Mount Board at 45 Degrees?

It is tough to cut the matt board at 45 degrees with an Exacto knife. To cut matte boards at 45 degrees angles, you need to use professional board cutters. You can buy NT professional Matt board cutter from the market. This tool is designed for cutting a 45-degree angle bevel straight edge. It is an expensive tool.



How do you cut matte board?

Ans. You can cut a matte board using an Exacto knife. If you want more professional cutting, you can use a bevel mat cutter, logan mat board cutter, mat board cutter spotlight, etc. these items are for professionals, and they are expensive.


How do you cut a utility knife mat?

Ans. You already know how to cut mat board with Exacto knife. You can cut the matte board using a utility knife in the same way as to cut the mat board with an Exacto knife.


How do you bevel a mat board?

AnsYou can use a bevel matt cutter to bevel a mat board. Using a matt cutter is the professional way to cut a mat board.



Cutting a professional mat board is costly. But cutting your mat board is a fun job. It won’t cost you so much as a custom matted print, and you will feel your artwork. Here you make the artwork and the mat frame also. When you see the signature on your artwork, you will feel happy. Don’t forget to try these easy steps in your home.


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