How to Use a Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener [The Prefect & Safe in 2024]

As a knife gets older, the sharpness of the blade decreases. The sharp part of the knife became pulses when you used it continuously. If the knife becomes blunt, people who buy a new knife will hardly be found. We keep looking for objects to sharpen the blade. A Lansky pocket knife sharpener is an object that you can use to sharpen your blunt knife.


We need to sharpen our knives many times. There are many items in your house that you can use to sharpen your knife for a while. But this sharpness will not last long. A Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener can be a good solution for anyone who wants to keep the knife blade sharp.


Sharpening a knife with it will make the sharpness of the blade last longer. It is not difficult to use a Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener. You can quickly learn how to use a Lansky pocket knife sharpenerThis tool will keep the knife blade sharp all the time.



What Is A Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener?

A knife maker company designed this great tool. They have been making such sharpening instruments for the last 40 years. Lansky pocket knife sharpener is one of the instruments of the company.


It is designed for knife blades like Kitchen knives, bread knives, pocket knives, army knives. You can sharpen any type of them with a Lansky knife sharpener.


This sharpening tool comes with Lansky controlled-angle sharpening system. The system provides a professional and top-class sharp edge. It gives you a perfect angle to sharpen the blade. So, you can sharpen both sides of your knife using a Lansky pocket knife sharpener. You can use it indoors and outdoor. It is an excellent tool for beginners and pros.


Which Materials are Used in A Lansky Sharpener?

Lansky has ceramic, diamond, carbide in its sharpening manner. In short, it adds a variety of materials to its system. So, this method has a considerable advantage.



You can use Lansky Sharpener on different tools as there are different types of materials. The sharpener has some more benefits of having different materials.

  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is easy to wash in water.
  • There is no plastic material included. So, sharpening can be quickly done anywhere in your home or outside.
  • Easy to sharpen all types of blades.


The experts recommend buying a Lansky sharpener that comes with carbon fiber. They said the carbon fiber sharpening system is the most efficient sharpening system of Lansky.


If you are seeking an exact Lansky sharpener, then try Lansky blade medic. The angle required to sharpen the knife is set in advance. Lansky blade medic angle is scheduled at 22. 5º. It can achieve an extensive 45º angle. And finally, there is a lot of 5 stars Lansky blade medic reviews available on amazon. As a result, you do not have to worry about the quality of the product.

Which Materials are Used in A Lansky Sharpener


How to Sharpen Very Dull Edge Using Lansky Carbide Slot?

It would be best if you used the carbide slot to sharpen a very dull knife. Usually, you cannot sharpen an utterly dull knife easily. But the carbide part of Lansky can sharpen such a flat blade very fast. You don’t need to follow any specific guidelines to do so. You don’t also need to follow any non-stop process.

  • Open the carbide slot of your Lansky pocket knife sharpener.
  • Use three to four strokes, maximum five.
  • Don’t put hard pressure during the stroke. Medium pressure is enough to sharpen the dull edge.


There are a few limitations. It would help if you tried to follow these. This will keep your sharpener good, not easily damaged.

  • Ensure the slot is much strong.
  • Use carbide system only for extreme situations.



How to Polish A Knife Blade Using Lansky Ceramic Sharpening Rod?

After sharpening the blade, you have to polish the edge. After sharpening each knife, one last finish has to be given. And this last finishing and polishing have to be provided through the ceramic rod.


When the knife is sharpened with a carbide slot, you should polish the knife blade with a ceramic rod. If you don’t shine, you won’t have fun using the knife.

  • Use three or four strokes of ceramic sharpening rod after you have sharpened the knife.
  • You can use it regularly.
  • A ceramic sharpening rod is not a rigid material like a Lansky carbide slot.
  • There is no hardcore limitation to use the ceramic rod for blade polishing.
  • You may need a bit of practice to polish the blade using it.
  • Clean it regular basis. Otherwise, the ceramic will change into black color and shorten its usefulness.



How to Sharpen A Serrated Knife with Lansky?

There is a serrated knife in your Lansky pocket knife sharpener. You can use it to sharpen the knife regularly.

The serrated knife sharpener gets quickly inside both large and small serration. It is the most point part of Lansky blade medic. You will also find it in Lansky d-sharp quad angle knife Sharpener.

  • The ceramic of the serrated knife is very sharp and strong. It is more energetic than regular steel.
  • Use wide-ranging strokes during large serration.
  • Stroke at steady speed during slight serration.
  • Keep your finger away from the serrated knife. It is very much sharp so that you may get hurt.
  • Clean the ceramic of the serrated knife regularly.
  • Otherwise, ceramic will turn black, and its sharpening power will gradually decrease.



How to Use Diamond Tempered Rod of Lansky?

A diamond tempered rod is a great tool to sharpen a dull knife. You can sharpen straight and serrated blades using it. For gut hooks, you don’t find any alternative than this. You can use it on a butcher knife also. You should know how to use it. Let’s proceed.

  • Use ultimate speed during sharpening with a diamond tempered rod.
  • Put a little bit more speed during large serration.
  • Please do not use it frequently because Diamond is an officious material.
  • Don’t use lubricant before diamond rod.

What is The Best Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener?


We’re already mentioning two Lansky pocket knife Sharpeners above. If you have not noticed, then there is no problem. We will say again. One is Lansky blade medicand the second one is Lansky d-sharp


We ensure you will love both of them. But you don’t need to buy them together. You can choose anyone from the two Lansky sharpeners. Both of them have multiple Lansky sharpening anglesSo, both products are suitable for sharpening versatile blades.


There is another product on our list. It is Lansky Quick Fix Pocket Sharpener. It has plastic material. It is a very effective tool to sharpen your blade. It combines two sharpening systems, and it has a rubber grip. You can easily use it also to sharpen your dull knife.




How do you use a Lansky handheld sharpener?


  • Hold the sharpener at exactly 90º angle.
  • Move the sharpener through the dull blade.
  • The dull metal will remove, and the edge will continue to be sharp.


How do you use a small Lansky knife sharpener?

Ans. Each of the sharpeners is almost like a pocket knife sharpener. They are small in size. The using process is similar we have discussed above. But if you want to sharpen a tiny blade, we will suggest using Lansky Clamp. You will get a better result than a Lansky knife sharpener.




A Lansky pocket knife sharpener is an exceptional tool for those who want to sharpen their knife perfectly. A Lansky sharpener is the easiest way to keep your knife sharp at all times. They come with different sharpening angles, different sharpening parts, and so many convenient features. You only need to how to use a Lansky pocket knife sharpener. If you use it, you feel the importance of it.


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