How to Open A Lock Door with A Knife in 2023 [Easy 3 Methods]

Always you don’t need to open a locked door with a knife. You may need to do this at an exceptional moment. Assume you are stuck in a zombie house. Now you have to get out of the house by any means.


In this situation, if you have a knife, you can unlock the door. Okay, zombie house is a part of the fun. Mainly, you should knowhow to open a lock door with a knife.


Unlock a door using a knife is a trick. And every police officer or army must know this technique. We recommend you learn this trick. If you accidentally forget to take the key when you go out, you can open the door of your house by arranging a small knife.


We show some simple methods to quickly learn how to use a knife to open a locked doorThe locking strategy is not identical in all the entries. So, different ways help you to know about other locks. You need to find the lock type and encounter the technique. Let’s cover the methods shortly.


There is a little reminding. Don’t use this technique to open the door of another person’s house. The primary purpose of this article to help people, not to create any mess.



How To Use A Knife to Open A Locked Door?

Method Number One

The answer to the question of how to open locked door without keyis this methodThis method will work on doors that are not very secure. At present, very few houses have such locks. This method will be effective for you if the door lock is cheap.

  • It would be best if you had a Swiss army knife to unlock the door. You can also use some other pocket knife.
  • Don’t use a Rambo knife in this method. Because the keyhole of this type of door is so tiny, and the Rambo knife doesn’t fit perfectly inside the keyhole.
  • Push the knife blade inside the lock as far as possible.
  • Put the knife in the bottom of the keyhole because the top of the lock is round. The blade won’t fit in the top of the keyhole.
  • Rotate the knife clockwise and again counterclockwise. Shake the knife like this for some time.
  • One time you will hear a tick. Keep turning the knife in the direction indicated by the sound tick.

It may seem very easy to you. These locks are common and not so secure. So, open this kind of lock door with a knife is very easy. You should practice it for the first time. Otherwise. you may ruin the door lock.


Method Number Two

This is the second method of open a locked door. You will learn how to open a locked door without keyhole through the process. In this style, you need a big knife. The bigger the blade, the better for this method. This method is almost similar to the credit card method. Follow the below guidelines –

  • Grab the knife and put it between the door and door frame.
  • Slide the sharp part of the knife down as far as you can.
  • Keep sliding between the door and the edge of the door until you locate the door lock.
  • If you find the door bolt, then stop.
  • Now press down with the knife and start plucking.
  • Hold the handle of the blade and keep pushing it downwards.
  • Once you find the place between the door jamb and the bolt.

You have to apply force until the door opens. You have to use your total energy to open such a door lock. It cannot be said that the knife you used, in this case, maybe broken. You do not need to use a new and sharp knife in this method. An extensive and old kitchen knife is enough for this job.


Method Number Three

An extra tool is required in this method. This method will not work with just a dinner knife. You have to arrange a customary lock picking and a dinner knife also.


You can use the Swiss Army Knife here instead of the Dinner Knife. You need two things to open the door in this process. One is a tension wrench, and another one is a lock picking tool. The knife is working as a tension wrench here.

  • At first, try to arrange a rake-style picking tool.
  • Otherwise, place an opened paper clip or safety pin.
  • Push the knife blade inside the bottom of the keyway.
  • Insert the knife in such a way that you can rotate it.
  • Pass the hook inside the top of the lock. At the same time, press down with the knife.

The pin must be turned in and out repeatedly, and you must press the pressure branch continuously downwards. If you can apply the method correctly, the lock will open at some point.




How to Pick A Door Lock with A Pocket Knife?

A pocket knife is a small knife. If you want to pick a door with a pocket knife, then follow method number one. You can also track method number three. You will need an extra paper clip if you follow the last method we have described. Just be careful not to break the knife under additional pressure.



How to Open Unlock A Locked Door with A Butter Knife?

How to Open Unlock A Locked Door with A Butter Knife


A butter knife is also knowns as a dinner knife. You have a butter knife, and you want to practice how to open a locked door with a knife, then follow method number one. You can also repeat method number two if you can arrange a safety pin or paper pin.



You are probably looking for a proper butter knife to open the door lock. We recommend buying Berglander Dinner Knives. You will get a set of this knife from the link. It is solid and durable. The blade can easily withstand the pressure applied to the knife when opening the door lock.



How to Open A Locked Car Door with A Butter Knife?

You can break into your car using a butter knife or a putty knife. You don’t need a wedge to do so. The hole of the car lock is thin, and a butter knife is flat. So, it works effectively in your car door. You may also need a rod to open the car lock. On YouTube,



you will find how to open a locked door with a knife videoHere is a butter knife from HOMQUEN. You will need a strong knife when opening the car lock without a key. HOMQUEN Dinner Kinfe is the product you should take. This knife is perfect for the size of the knife needed to unlock a car door.



How to Pick A Door Lock with A Swiss Army Knife?

You can use a Swiss army knife instead of a pocket knife to unlock a door. If you want to pick a door lock with a Swiss army knife, follow method number one or method number three.


The third method is the best option for unlocking a door. And if you are seeking a Swiss army knife, try Victorinox Swiss Army. It is the best Swiss army knife we have ever



That’s the whole lesson for today. We hope this guide about how to open a locked door with a knife will help you a lot. Even if the blade or clip breaks when opening the door,


ensure that there is no damage to the door because your house’s door and your car’s door are your assets. And the responsibility of maintaining the assets is your own.


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