How To Wrap a Knife Handle With Leather? [Easy & Safe]

Why do you even need to keep your knife handle ?wrapped We all know kitchen knives are very important for our daily lives. Now, why do people ask, how to wrap a knife handle with leather? The answer is quite easy, as your knife handle stays safe.


As time passes, the handle of your knife may get detached or disfigure. Well, this is a primary reason why you should wrap your knife handle? Not to mention, you would want to keep your knife look good. And to do so, you better keep the knife handle safe.


Furthermore, it will give you a good grip. Anyway, we are going to notify you about the benefits. Rather than purchasing a premium quality knife handle wrap,


you better create one yourself. Going DIY is always a fascinating way to save money and do something interesting? Well, now are going to guide you with handle wrapping techniques.



Benefits of a Leather Knife Handle

Now, a leather knife handle can help your knife handle to become durable. Durability is always a huge plus point for any kitchen knife. Now, you are always cutting vegetables, meat, or any other foods. There is a chance that it will come in contact with water. So, can leather be the best solution? But what are the main benefits of using leather handles:

  • It gives your knife a premium look
  • The Knife handle has great durability.
  • You will get a better grip over your knife.
  • Leather can keep the inside from getting disfigured.

How to Wrap a Knife Handle With Leather: Step by Step Process

Now, the whole process is not very hard. You just need to follow some simple steps. We are going to guide you with the simple steps here. To make each section better, we are going to use bullet points. This way, you can grab all the information separately and take easy steps while wrapping your knife handle.


First, Gather All The Tools

Yes, first, you will need to gather all the important tools and materials. Now, what materials do you even need? Here is a small list of the tools you would need for the DIY project:

  • Leather straps
  • Cords
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Glue
  • Drying machine.
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil


Now, Measure The Size of The Knife Handle

After collecting all the important materials, you need to measure the size of the knife handle. You should follow the following process in this step:

  • Find a cord that will cover the whole length of the handle
  • Use a ruler to measure the length of the knife handle.
  • Make a blueprint of the measurement you need on a diary.


Now, Prepare Your Leather

Preparing the leather is equally important. Now, we are going to discuss how you will prepare the leather strips for wrapping:


  • Try to soak the leather strips in warm water to make them softer.
  • Soak the leather strips until it gets a deep color.
  • You will need 9.55 mm leather strips for your knife handle.
  • Well, the strip should be four times larger than your knife handle.


Wrapping The Knife Handle

 Now, with wrapping the handle of your knife, you can use it according to your wish. This is the step where you might face some difficulties with the wrapping system. Here is a point by point way to wrap your knife handle with leather strips.

  • You should start with wrapping one end of the handle.
  • Well, starting from beneath the knife blade is always a good idea.
  • Try to use heavy tape to attach the strings to the handle.
  • Use the tape from the starting wrap so that the strips don’t get displaced.
  • Now, twist the lacing in a complete circle.
  • Stop twisting the knife handle when 1 or 2 inches of the handle is remaining.
  • When you are giving the first rotation to your tape, make sure it covers the tape attached to the handle.
  • Try to rotate the lace from start to finish.
  • Make sure there are no gaps between every rotation of the strips you make.


Before The Finale, Tie a Knot

You need to tie a knot to secure the handle. Yes, you will need to tie a knot right before the final touch. So, here are the steps you should maintain:

  • Tigh the knot as tightly as possible.
  • Well, the knot will be at the base of the handle.
  • For the knot, use your thumb on the unknotted lacing at the base edge of the handle.
  • Make sure you weave beneath the last rotation.
  • Do rotation until it reaches the end of the handle.


Finally, Trip The Access Strips

After completing the wrapping, you will need to cut the access strips. This is to make the whole handle much more efficient. Here is the step-by-step process for completing your task.

  • You can trim the lacing at the end.
  • But you can easily make a loop that is good for your wrist.
  • You can easily create a loop if the access is at least 1 foot long.
  • Make sure your trimming should not affect the wrapping.


Make Sure you Dry The Handle Fast

Drying the handle is the second finale for your knife handle. Now, here are the things you should consider drying the whole handle:

  • You can dry the handle naturally or by using a dryer.
  • When you dry the leather, it will shrink and become stiff on the handle.
  • Try to avoid drying the handle besides a fire.
  • You can easily use a knife after drying.



How To Wrap a knife Handle With Paracord?



Wrapping your knife handle using the cord is quite the same as leather wrapping. We cannot guide you with a detailed process here today. But if you have understood the leather wrapping technique, you will be able to understand the cord wrapping process too.

Now, here is a step by step points you should follow to wrap your knife handle with leather:

  • First, measure the knife handle and the cords.
  • Keep the cords in warm water.
  • Use a scissor or blade to cut the cords.
  • Keep the cords in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Try to wrap the cord around the knife two times.
  • After that, use tape to keep the cords secure.
  • Make sure you wrap the handle using a cord with neat precision.
  • You should tie a knot at the end of the handle.
  • Cut off the remaining cords at the end.
  • Use a lighter to seal the ends of the cords wrap.
  • You can use 360-degree strider wrap on your knife handle.

Final Verdict

Yes, there are several ways of doing a wrap. Even the material you will be using can be different. But the process stays quite the same. You may need to take other measurements to make the process easy. Using a cord or leather can always help you have a long-lasting knife handle.


So, how to wrap leather around a knife handle? We believe now you won’t have any confusion about the matter. No need to ask for help from any professional. If you have some skills at DIY projects, this should be easy.


However, if you are new to this type of work, make sure you stay safe while handling the knife. Hopefully, this article should help you learn a thing or two about wrapping a knife handle.


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