How To Open A Locked Window with A Knife [Easy 5 Steps]

A Window or Door is a specific part of a house. All the windows have a lock system. Most of the windows have a press or click-lock system. Some windows are locked like doors. You need a key to open them. Without a key, you cannot open a closed door also. But there is a procedure by which you will be able to open your window in alternative way. Here I shall discuss about how to open a locked window with a knife.


Suppose you are tired and want to get some fresh air. And you find that the window is locked, and you can’t find the key. Or, you need to go outside emergency, but you lost the key to the door. Or, you were out and came home and found that you did not have the key in your pocket.


In this case, you can open the door without a key. You cannot destroy the property at a single chance. You can open the window using a regular knife. Today, we will discuss how to open a locked window with a knife.


We will try to tell you the easiest way how to open a locked window without a key through our guide. The work is not so easy. But it is not so difficult also. It is a less complex task. If you follow our ultimate guide step by stepyou can open a locked door or window using a regular knife.


Never do this into someone’s home. If you are the owner of the house, then you are allowed to do this. Or, take the permission of the house owner, if it is urgent. You know what can happen if you do it in secret or without authorization, right?




How Do You Open A locked Window Step by Step?

Step-1: Determine The Lock Types

At first, you have to look at the door lock. You cannot open all the door kicks using a knife. It is pretty impossible. When a door is locked with a bolt in addition to a lock into the doorknob,

you could not use the trick. We are sorry, you are helpless at this moment. You can only open the door by following our guide if the entry has a spring-loaded latch system.


In this lock system, the spring latch comes out from a latch pocket. This lock is made in the frame of the door, and it helps to shut the door. You have to turn the knob to extract the spring latch and open the door.


You need a bread knife or a putty knife to unlock the door. You should manipulate the latch again and again to open the door. You will find a push-button mechanism in the locking system. All you have to do is pop out that lock’s button by manipulating enough from the inside. It is not possible without a butter knife. So, in the first step, you need –

  • Discover the lock type first.
  • Ensure the door comes with a spring-loaded system.
  • Arrange a bread knife or putty knife.


Step-2: Grab The Knife for Opening Door

It is not necessary to take a fine sharp knife to do this task. It is a kind of complex task, and you cannot take any risk. You can get hurt by holding a fine knife. A putty knife is enough to do this task. That means it might work.


A Sharp knife may require relying on the size of the keyhole. If the hole is round, then you can open the lock with a small paper clip. And if there is a slit, it is mandatory to use a knife.


A bread knife is the best option to grab and open the door.

  • It is best to use small paper clips for round keyholes. It is also the safest option.
  • Grab a pocket knife for the small lock.
  • Try to measure keyhole size. This helps you to decide to select a sharp knife or not.



Step-3: Keep The Knife inside The Keyhole

It would be best if you used a blade to complete this task. If the door lock is a Pin Tumblr lock, read on. It would help if you used the knife the same way you use the key when opening the lock.

  • Insert the blade in the top of the lock.
  • Put it along between the keyhole.
  • Now apply pressure in every direction.

In general, you need to move the blade around by inserting the knife into the keyhole. One time you will hear a tick. That means you are in.



Step-4: Keep The Knife Middle of The Door and Door Jamb’s Plate

Do this step until you’re feeling the tip of the knife bottom out from the latch. You understand it without difficulty.

  • Find the place where the door or window locks.
  • Clean the line of knife and try to open the latch by passing the latch inside.
  • Slide the knife between the door and the frame of the door.
  • Slide until you touch the bolt.
  • Move the knife in, passing it till you slide the bolt out from the Door jamb.

This is the process of how to open sliding window lock.



Step-5: Take An Unlocked Paper Clip or Hair Clip

Usually, you can open the lock using a knife. However, in some cases, this can be not easy. It is better to use an opened paper clip or hair clip for that. It will improve the chances of success.

  • Straighten the clip before using it.
  • Apply twisting pressure to the lock.
  • Wriggle the knife very carefully. Don’t let the lock break.
  • Wriggle the blade until you listen a tick from inside.
  • Enter the tension wrench into the lock.
  • When opening the lock by a key, try to rotate the lock in the same way.
  • Insert the planate clip on the top of the tension wrench, pushing till you meet resistance.
  • Push up the pin with the hair or paper clip.




How to Open A Locked Window with A Credit Card?

A tension wrench is a primarily used tool to select a lock. You can also use a minor hex key. But do you that you can use credit card to open a locked door or a locked window? You could open a lever-type doorknob using card. Follow the below steps to open the locked door –

  • Grab the credit card carefully.
  • Slide the credit card into the nook of the door.
  • The following processes are equivalent to the process with the knife.
  • Also, put pressure on the door and your free arm; therefore, the latch doesn’t jump back out.
  • Maybe you need to make this multiple times. Because it is not possible to make it the first time.



Many times, you may have some situations that you need to get home quickly. The problem will be even more significant when you lose your door key. If you have credit card or bread knife, you can open the locked door without destroying the asset.

Follow the steps of how to open a locked window with a knife. Don’t ruin the credit card if you are going to use that to open the door. In that case, it is best to use an old closed credit card.


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